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It is Mike's turn to torment Jim, a competent security guard in the famous museum of Modern Art. Having prepared his robbery for months, Mike is determined to steal paintings and sculptures and replace them with fake ones. This night will be a game of cat and mouse.

This is a 2-player turn-based game.

The first player controls Mike using only the keyboard :

  • w, a, s, d / arrows to move
  • go on an object to interact with it

The second player is Jim. He will only use the mouse :

  • click on a lamp / laser to activate it (limited to one action per turn)
  • click on the generator and achieve the QTE to repair it

 Source code : https://github.com/LeBossMax2/mmienseirbjam

Install instructions

Unzip the PAYCHECK2.0.zip file and run mmienseirbjam.exe


PAYCHECK2.0.zip 24 MB

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